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Hello My Friends,

I am sure many of you are beginning new routines and lifestyles today as the restrictions Covid-19 has brought with it begin to bite. It’s funny how the things we take for granted can change so quickly and I know many of us feel anxious and worried about what the coming weeks and months will hold. I think we have all felt fear and a sense of helplessness in recent days.


It Will Pass. A Celebration Is On Its way.
Here’s the good news. This will pass. Our favourite pastimes will return. Restaurants will be full again, the cinemas will show the latest blockbusters and we will all be enjoying the company of our family and friends without worry. It will come and it will come sooner than we think. The tough days we are experiencing will indeed end. And life will feel bigger, better and more exciting than it has for many, many years. Let’s use our ‘NOW’ time wisely and prepare to shine on that day. 

New Opportunities and A Fresh Start

The one thing these days are teaching us is that life really can change rapidly. However, I think with the unexpected comes new opportunities too. If you have ever thought about starting a new business, or a new venture, now might actually be the perfect time to prepare for it. Businesses that are already operating can become stronger during this downtime by using this unusual time to build an even more impressive online presence, or work on new content and new products. 

There will be a massive burst of new life when this is all over. 

I Am Here For You

We are all in this together. All helping each other. Ensuring we get through this and come out the other end in great shape. If you have ever thought about the future, about your businesses and plans for the future, let’s use this exceptional opportunity to refocus and be super ready when all of this is over. The world will explode into life again. Let’s be ready for that.

I have abandoned all of my pricing structures to ensure that I can work with you whatever your circumstances. My advice is always free and I know we can make it through this. More that that, I even think we can be stronger than ever at the end of it. Let’s use this time to stay positive, stay focused and to look ahead excitedly to a time when the world begins again. 

Call me on 07980 90 4733 or email by return. It’s normal service, business as usual, and I will be here for you throughout the coming weeks and months. Call me, use my businesses services, get advice, I will help you through. I will. 

Take great care and thank you for being a part of my business up to now. The future is ours and it will all be fine, trust me on that.

Positivity and Love. We can make it through if we stick together and stay focused. Let’s keep rolling ahead…. Call me. 

Peter Graham
Business Owner – Net Power Creative 

Marketing and Strategy

With all of our experience, few web design businesses can beat us for marketing and strategic planning. Your business is in great hands.

World Class Websites

Website design is our primary product and service. We have been here for 20 years, helping businesses grow successfully online

We are Web Experts

We are your one stop online business partner. One call and we can take care of every aspect of your online existence. You will love the way we do things.

Thank you for visiting Net Power. We want to show you that not all web design businesses are the same. We have developed a business that will shortly enter its 3rd decade. If you are not with us yet, please do get in touch.

Let us show you what makes us special.

We take care of everything

One call and we will take care of everything for you. We will build your new website, of course, but we will then take care of every aspect of your business’s needs online. Truly one call does it all!

Website Design

We will start by building your new website. Together we will prepare for launch

Great SEO

Superb SEO from day one and management of your campaigns and advertising

Social Media

Your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages will all be fully branded


Once launched, we will host it on our own secure and robust data network

SSL Security

We will install and manage your SSL Security and Certificate ensuring high encryption

Professional Email

We give you 20 business email addresses and manage these for you. 

Net Power Instant

Websites that should cost £1,000’s but don’t. And, completed In just 7 days!


Do Business with People who Love Doing Business with People

Net Power is not just another web design business. We are a hard working, highly efficient and hugely talented company. But we are also highly ethical and care deeply about you, our customer. We know what can happen when we get this combination right. And we are here to help you take it to the next level. 

I have been working with Peter for the last five years now and have always found him to be very courteous and supportive. He goes out of his way to help and is always there when you need him if you get stuck with something technical. He takes a lot of pride in his work and this is evident from the high-quality websites he produces. I’m very pleased with mine. Can highly recommend.

Philippa James - YSOCT

Client - Yorkshire School

I have been working with this company for about 5 years now, I initially just wanted a simple website so people could find my products and services when I was self employed, I was so amazed with the final result, I was so happy I found this guys!

My website site now is so incredible and far from simple as we can sell products and services, taking bookings, keep clients updated with blogs and news, etc. All my clients love it!
My business has grown so much and I know that a crucial part of this is because I have a great online presence thanks to Peter and his team 🙂 They also managed to get my website on the first page of Google, which I didn`t think It was possible without paying loads of money.

Response time for all queries is always very quick, which I have found very useful, especially when trying to keep all content current and up to date.

I could not recommend Peter and Net Power Creative highly enough, thank you again.

Beatriz Meireles

Client - Bea Sports Injury Clinic

“Net Power Creative have been a part of our journey since we launched our business back in 2011.  We chose them because they just ‘got us’ from day one.

Most IT businesses are quite hard to communicate with, but Net Power Creative spoke in plain language and made our transition into the digital world easy and actually quite fun.

We are now celebrating another successful year and we have driven many other businesses that we know Net Power Creative’s way, simply because we trust they will deliver what they promise every time. Superb.

The future is looking as exciting as ever, thanks in large to the partnership we have with Net Power Creative. Go elsewhere? Choose another web designer? Certainly not. “

James Spiers

Client - Business Connect

We Love The Web

This year is our 21st year in business. When we started way back in the summer of 2000, we could not have envisaged just how amazing this medium is or how much we would have loved every minute of it. We have built a business around our love of the web, and we know that we have done a great deal of good and helped many businesses exceed their expectations.

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